An annual conference of all EPTA European Associations is held every year in a different country under the Presidency of the host association.


EPTA-s aims are:

  • To work towards raising the standards of piano teaching and performances.
  • To establish close links with pianists and teachers everywhere.
  • To organise workshops and conferences where teachers can meet, exchange ideas and have discussions in open forums.

EPTA-Norway was founded in 1988 by Professor Einar Steen-Nøkleberg who was the president until February 2015.He was then appointed honorary-president. 


EPTA-N organises annual conferences for pianists, teachers and students. These conferences aim to give the participants pedagogical ideas, repertoire, master-classes and recitals. Most of the conferences also include presentations of contemporary composers.


EPTA-N is collaborating with other music-pedagogues associations to arrange events for musicians, music-pedagogues and students





President Elin Persson